Wright and his studio Gallium Artistic Services are partnering with Unity to organise a contest to find a 3D artist to bring Proxi to life

Games industry veteran Will Wright is returning to games development with a mobile game, he announced at GDC.

This new project from the creator of The Sims and Sim City is called Proxi and is being developed by AI and sim studio Gallium Artistic Services (also sometimes referred to as Gallium Artists), which he co- founded in 2015 with Lauren Elliott, co-designer of popular franchise Carmen Sandiego.

In a teaser video for Proxi, Wright explained it will be a “game of self discovery” to “uncover the hidden you, your subconscious [...] and bring it to the surface, bring it to life so you can interact with it [...] and learn from it.”

Proxi is due to release on mobile in late 2018, with the official website for the game saying the title is “an experiment for the player to create and tune their own personal AI.” The idea is to bring up memories from your past, which will be the foundations for how the rest of the game unravels.

Wright is also partnering with Unity to organise a contest to find a 3D artist to bring this idea to life. Those interested in entering the challenge have to create “three personal memories represented by three environment scenes,” “one final video showing all the scenes rendered in Unity” and “one article explaining your modeling process.”

Details of the competition can be found here and you have until May 14th to enter.

Here’s the video of Will Wright’s introducing Proxi, which will be his first game since 2008’s Spore:


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