Will Wright to keynote Siggraph 2009

Sim City creator to speak at computer graphics and interactive techniques conference
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Will Wright is to give the keynote speech at the Siggraph 2009 conference in New Orleans.

The event, which is pitched as the international conference and exhibition for computer graphics and interactive techniques, is now in its 36th year. Siggraph 2009 takes place from August 4th to 6th.

Wright, who was raised in New Orleans, is the infamous creator of Sim City, The Sims and Spore. The subject of his speech has not been confirmed.

“With growing frequency, game development and gaming technology are greatly influencing innovations in computer graphics and animation,” said Ronen Barzel, Siggraph 2009 Conference Chair.

“Will Wright is a visionary whose insights have the power to inspire people from all industries. His selection to give a keynote presentation this year is a perfect fit as Siggraph 2009 integrates gaming as an expanded focus of the conference.”

To find out more about the event, visit the Siggraph website.


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