Windows Phone app catalogue 'the fastest growing'

Around 2,500 games available on the Microsoft platform, data suggests
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The Windows Phone 7 platform has reached its ten thousandth app milestone faster than its iPhone and Android rivals, according to new data.

By the last count the WP7 Marketplace featured 10,191 apps, according to mobile site Pocket-Lint.

The news outlet adds that Microsoft’s latest phone platform grows by a average of 465 apps per week since January.

Games remain the most popular app type, with a 23 per cent share.

Windows Phone 7 launched to the market in October last year – during a period of rapid growth for the smartphone sector.

Rival providers Apple and Google both started their mobile businesses when the market was far smaller, which may explain Microsoft’s feat.

Microsoft has declined to comment on widespread speculation that its Zune devices have been discontinued.