Wooga reinforces multi-platform push with four new titles

Germany-based studio claims 50/50 revenue split on Facebook and mobile
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Social gaming giant Wooga has entered into a big multi-platform push on Facebook and mobile by unveiling four new games as it looks to expand its portfolio of titles.

The Berlin-based studo, which now houses some 280 developers after being founded in 2009, is set to lead its future titles on mobile, although said that Facebook and browser gaming remains a core part of its business.

Since moving into the mobile space in 2011, Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said that the revenue split between its previous flagship platform Facebook and mobile was not at 50/50.

Despite claiming success in turning a profit, Begemann said he would not reveal exact revenue figures from the company.

One of the developer's flagship titles Monster World, which Begemann is still played by millions of users every day since its launch on Facebook in May 2010, will now also be released on iPhone and tablet platforms.

The developer said it would not be a straight port however, and would be a "completely redesigned game made for mobile", also featuring a new premium in-game currency calling Sun Potions. The game will be released on March 21st.

Keeping in line with Facebook's push toward core gaming this year as the social network looks to expand its portfolio, Wooga also announced it would be making new city building tower defence title Kingsbridge for browser.

The development of the title is somewhat of a change of direction for the social gaming outfit, which has traditionally focused on the casual gaming market

"Kingsbridge is a mid-core title but it's I think one of the most approachable and maybe even one of the most casual and approachable mid-core titles made," Wooga Begemann told Develop.

"So even if you're a casual player you can really get into it. And you don't need previous mid-core strategy experience to play it. So that's what we kind of try to do with that."

Another title being released exclusively for mobile is village builder Pocket Village, which is coming to iPhone and iPad on April 11th. The title will be Wooga's first exclusive mobile gamem again a sign of Wooga gradually pushing away from its browser gaming routes.

Lastly, Wooga has also announced new Hidden Object title Pearl's Peril for both browser, mobile and tablets. The title will experiment with story-telling and episodic content, with Wooga planning to add new puzzles and plots every week, likening the continuning and evolving plot to that of a TV show.

Pearl's Peril is expected to release on March 5th.

Begemann added that all of the games would be released on Android in future.