World of Tanks eclipses 75 million registered players

Free-to-play MMO peaks at over one million concurrent players during 2013
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Wargaming's World of Tanks has surpassed 75 million registered players.

The news comes after the developer claimed in June that its free-to-play MMO had 60 million registered users. This means that since then, the game has attracted 2.5 million players on average every month.

During 2013, the popular MMO at one point peaked at 1,152,261 concurrent users.

So far this year, more than 201 billion shells have been fired by players, with 17 billion vehicles wrecked.

The firm is hoping to further increase its userbase when it rolls out new entries into the series on Xbox 360, tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to the success of its flagship franchise, Wargaming now employs 2,200 staff around the world.