Wraps come off Disney's first driving game

First game from Black Rock (formerly Climax Racing) is off-road racer Pure
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Disney Interactive has revealed the first game put together by its UK-based racing studio Black Rock: an off-road racer called Pure.

It's the first game made by the team since it was acquired from Climax in September 2006.

Disney execs say the game will "set a new standard for off-road racing".

"Black Rock Studio has established itself as a leading developer of racing video games and we expect to continue that heritage with the creation of Pure, our first game since becoming part of Disney Interactive Studios," commented Jason Avent, game director at Black Rock Studio, in the game's official announcement.

"Pure combines the best features of both extreme sports and racing to produce an extraordinary and unique experience."

The game is due in autumn for PS3, 360 and PC.