Xbox One specs detailed

Next-gen console to house 8-core CPU, 8GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive
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Microsoft has detailed some of the specifications under the hood of its new Xbox One console.

The hardware features a 8-core CPU and is based on “native x64 architecture”. It will also include 500GB worth of hard drive space and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

The console will also include a blu-ray drive and will ship with the new Kinect.

The new Kinect motion sensor is able to detect slight wrist movements, the emotional state of a player, specific users and can also transfer 2GB of data per second in 1080p.

It is believed the system is mandatory for system functionality, and the console will not work without it attached.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will house three operating systems, the Xbox dashboard, a kernel version of Windows and another system designed to enable seamless switching between the two.

Taking to the stage, Microsoft's Marc Whitten said the console was designed to be connected and ready, and that "that heart of the system is raw power".

He added that the hardware will provide "consistent access to web powered apps and experiences", designed to enable multi-tasking with "effortless control".