Your game stinks, says amBX

Or at least it could do with new ambient 'smell effect' technology
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Philips amBX has spoken to The Times about its efforts to incorporate smells into the amBX suite of multi-sense gaming apparatus.

It's been known that the company was working on smell technology as long as two years ago, but chief marketing officer Jo Cooke told the paper of the problems its had in getting the technology to work.

“It’s easy to introduce a smell into a room,” says Cooke. “The problem is how to remove an odour quickly in order to create the next one.”

Apparently it's worked with several small smell-releasing devices, but has been unable to solve the problem - and as such will remain off the shelf.

amBX also announced that Introversion's new game Multiwinia will support its ambient technology, which will be demonstrated at its booth at the Develop conference from tomorrow.

“Our agreement with Introversion builds on a hugely successful relationship between amBX and Introversion through DEFCON and Darwinia,” commented Cooke.

“amBX will produce an exhilarating gaming experience for Multiwinia players. As players fly higher into the sky, the amBX lighting will intensify and the desk fans will blow harder, to recreate the Jet Stream. The coloured satellite lights, fan bursts and wrist rumbler will recreate explosions and the wall washer lighting will even reflect the environment as players fly through the different landscapes. Multiplayer gaming has never felt or looked so good.”



amBX: Not so ambient now

Touted as a revolutionary way to extend the gaming experience, amBX has undergone a radical makeover. The technology has been spun out from Philips Research in the form of a new standalone company, amBX Ltd, paving the way for all hardware manufacturers to start adding its functionality.