YoYo releases Game Maker: Studio 1.1

Do it yourself game creation toolkit now includes Facebook, Google Play, and ad support
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YoYo Games has revealed the latest update for Game Maker Studio, which adds support for a variety of services including Facebook, Google Play Licensing, and a variety of ad networks.

Game Maker has been a tool empowering those with an idea for a game but without the resources to bring their dream to life.

Now, with a completely re-written sound system and a range of options to help monetize and promote games, the tool is more capable than ever of helping amateur developers and small studios make their mark on the industry.

Supported services include AdColony, AdMob, Facebook, Google Play Licensing, iAds, MoPub, Pocket Change, and SupersonicAds.

YoYo promises to add more services to the framwork in the future, and Google Analytics is set to arrive soon.

The new audio system enhances control of assets including pause, speed, frequency and native ogg support.

The room editor has also been expanded, allowing designers to "left click" for options like cut and paste, mouse based scaling and rotation, and simple moving.

As always, Game Maker: Studio allows developers to create a game in a single code base, then export and run it natively in HTML5, Facebook, Android, Windows, and OSX.