Yuji Naka's back(a)

Sonic creator's studio teams up with Sega for a game that 'even penguins can play'
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Sonic creator Yuji Naka is set to return to the gaming world - in concert with his old friends at Sega.

A teaser posted on the Sega site points to a new game developed by Prope, the studio founded in 2006 by Naka, with the words, "The world's first game that even penguins can play."

The Prope website itself links to the site saying: "A completely new 'experience' in gaming history. Prope is finally operational." A counter indicates that the game will be revealed in 17 days.

It's the first title to come from Prope, which was set up with the aim of creating 'near-future entertainment' while having a close relationship between developer and users. Sega owns a 10 per cent stake in the firm, which had 42 employees as of April this year.