Zoe Mode at work on Sing It sequel

UK Studio creating next installment in Disney karaoke series
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Zoe Mode has been revealed a the developer of the next installment in the Disney karaoke series Sing It.

Heading to the Wii and PS3, Disney Sing It: Party Hits brings together the typical selection of sacharin pop hits, and is presumably bolstered by Zoe Mode's impressive audio facility in London's Sout Bank area.

"The Disney Sing It franchise built its immense following by consistently providing the songs teens and tweens want to sing, and Disney Sing It: Party Hits continues that trend," said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing at Disney Interactive Studios.

"With the addition of Demi Lovato as an in-game vocal coach, fans will also get the real-world benefit of improving their skills by learning proper vocal training from a pro."



Zoe Mode

It was the first of Kuju's studios to rebrand itself, and probably the most radical: not only tapping into the burgeoning casual market, but basing its entire identity on a fictional female. Now, one year later, how is it faring?