Zoe Mode seals Zumba Fitness 2 project

Sequel to the dance-fitness sensation to arrive by year-end
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Brighton indies Zoe Mode has signed a major contract to develop the motion controlled dance fitness game Zumba Fitness.

The predecessor is currently atop the UK retail charts – the game’s third spell at the top.

Zoe Mode, developer of the XBLA and PSN title Chime, has a deadline to finish the sequel late this year, or at the early stages of 2012.

Publisher Majesco hopes the Wii edition will launch by December, while another SKU will launch early 2012.

It is not known which platform the second release will launch on; be it handhelds, Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Move or next generation consoles.

The initial Zumba Fitness was developed by Pipeworks Software.



Zoe Mode

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