Zynga API unleashed for third-party developers

Zynga's hardware and services now available without local back end servers
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Zynga has announced it has created an API which will be made available to third-party developers, allowing them to take advantage of Zynga's hardware and services infrastructure.

The announcement was made by Zynga Fellow and Chief Engineer Kostadis Roussos at the "Zynga Unleashed" press conference.

Kostadis made much of his company's success in creating efficient solutions for rapidly scalable social game communities.

Announcing only a few new titles, the social gaming giant seemed more intent on marketing itself as a platform.

Part of this strategy includes attracting third party developers by offering them access to the company's powerful analytics and cloud hosting services.

Zynga already has a number of third party developers contributing content to online publishing site Zynga.com, including Konami, Mob Science, Rebellion, and Row Sham Bow.

Today the company announced that these would be joined by another three, 50 Cubes, Majesco, and Portalarium.