Zynga issues trademark threats to Blingville

Legal controversy building around the term 'ville'
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Legal controversy building around the term 'ville'
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Social gaming firm Blingville is seeking a judge to rule that it is not infringing on any trademarks with a game using the word ‘ville’ – having been put under sustained pressure from Zynga to cease using the term.

Blingville LLC, based in West Virginia, has sent papers to its district court to block any legal action.

Social gaming giant Zynga has sent several legal threats to Blingville LLC, urging the studio drops the term ‘ville’ in its games.

Yet Blingville claimed in its lawsuit that Zynga has no legal basis.

“Zynga does not own, and has not registered or applied for, any trademark registrations in the word ‘Blingville’ or any word marks similar thereto,” the group said.

Zynga has become one of the fastest-growing digital companies in the world, has made much of its fortune off the back of games that use the term ‘ville’; from Farmville to Cityville to Frontierville.

Blingville LLC’s court papers says its use of the term is fair. The studio expects Zynga to take legal action, and wants the Farmville owner to pay attorney fees and other expenses if a lawsuit begins.