Zynga reports boost in active users

Monthly active users up in time for Q1 reports
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With Q1 figures in, Zynga boasts gains in number of active users in all categories, bringing revenues to a record high of $321 million.

Zynga aquired OMG POP's Draw Something in March for $180 million, an app which boasted over fifty million downloads in its first fifty days after launch.

According to Zynga, the company attracted 292 million monthy active users this quarter, an increase of 24 percent from last year's figure of 236 million.

Daily active users were up by six percent from the same period last year, totaling 65 million for Q1 2012.

Though Zynga launched five other new games this quarter, the aquisition of Draw Something turned the tide in favor of Zynga, bringing in at least an additional fourteen million users.