Zynga secures $15 million in VC funding

Socially networked games studio bolstered in spite of recent controversy
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It has emerged that Zynga has secured $15 million in venture capital funding from an unnamed source.

While the developer is yet to confirm the news an SEC filing details what will serve as an expansion to the firm's second round funding. The funding was evidently finalised earlier this month.

Zynga has repeatedly made the headlines in recent weeks as its in-game advertising and revenue generation models continue to court controversy, reportedly for hiding scams and potentially confusing offers.

 Zynga, which has enjoyed immense success with its Mafia Wars and FarmVille titles, saw its FishVille game pulled from Facebook by the social network's moderators in response to deals that saw players rewarded for signing up to commercial deals.

Despite this, Zynga remains one of the most commercially successful social games developers in the industry.