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MCV 919 16/06/2017

  • OPINION: Hype Management’s Henry Clay explains why subscriber levels are not always an indicator of a YouTube channel’s success
  • OPINION: Hi-Rez Studios’ VP European publishing Véronique Lallier discusses why streaming is the best way to engage with your audience
  • OPINION: OP Talent’s director Liam Chivers on how to create a successful influencer campaign
  • THE E3 REPORT: Our in-depth analysis from the show floor, from the reveal of the Xbox One X to Ubisoft launching a new toys-to-life franchise
  • STREAMING & VOD: Devolver Digital, DingIt and Twitch discuss streaming and VOD as marketing tools
  • WE ARE REACH: Co-director Nathan Ditum on running Sony’s PlayStation Access channel and how YouTube still has the biggest audience for companies looking to build their brand
  • TWITCHCON: Event director Krystal Herring on what to expect from this year’s TwitchCon
  • MULTIPLAY: Events director Andy Smith and digital director Paul Manuel speak about what’s next for the UK games service provider
  • MICRO MACHINES: Codemasters is finally bringing Micro Machines back to consoles with a few Hasbro friends coming along for the ride
  • PLUS! Crash Bandicoot merchandise range, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy headline the big game releases of the week, and more

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MCV 919
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