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Dishonored goodies now available for pre-order

Bethesda has teamed up with leading UK retailers to create exclusive pre-order incentives for its hotly anticipated new IP Dishonored.

GAME, Gamestation, Tesco, ShopTo.net and Amazon will each offer different add-ons for the game, which will give players new supernatural powers, according to VG247.

GAME and Gamestation is offering a Special Edition that comes with a Dishonored-branded deck of tarot cards and instructions on how to play the Game of Nancy with them.

It also includes the Arcane Assassin DLC pack, which features character boosters, bonus coins and more.

Pre-ordering at Tesco earns players the Shadow Rat DLC pack, which will allow them to walk quietly over broken glass, see more through keyholes and breath underwater for longer.

ShopTo.net customers will receive the Backstreet Butcher upgrades, which increase the damage dealt by sword attacks and whisky bottle explosions.

Finally, Amazon.co.uk is offering the Acrobatic Killer DLC, allowing gamers to swim faster, drop from great heights and dodge arrows.

Dishonored is due for release on October 12th. It is in development for 360, PS3 and PC.

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