Dota 2 gets Fallout 4 crossover content

Bethesda and Valve have collaborated on a new Dota 2 announcer pack that will bring Fallout’s robot companion Mister Handy to the MOBA.

Similar to theRick & Morty pack, the content replaces the voice of Dota 2’s default announcers with "the voice of everyone’s favorite robotic butler, Mister Handy.”

The DLC is exclusive to those who buy Fallout 4 through Steam before the end of November – which means pre-ordering isn’t a requisite to get the content. Valve expects the pack will be out by mid-November, around or just after Fallout 4 arrives.

Bethesda has done well to keep its franchise in the news as launch of its next major release draws ever closer. Its mobile gameFallout Shelter has been regularly updatedsince launch, and new reveals for the upcoming title itself – such asPS Vita remote play support– have continued to trickle out over the past few months.

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