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DSi LL was nearly called DSi Comfort

In the latest edition of NoJ’s Iwata Asks series, Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has listed a number of names for the firm considered for its recently unveiled DSi XL.

According to a translation on Andriasang, the list of possible monikers that Nintendo conjured up included ‘DSi Comfort’, ‘DSi Executive’, ‘DSi Living’ and ‘DSi Premium’.

Lead designer and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was apparently keen on ‘DSi Deka’, with deka being the Japanese word for ‘large’. In addition, it was also revealed that work on the DSi XL began way back in 2007, before the launch of the DSi.

Upon its launch in Japan last month, the DSi LL sold over 100k units in its first two days. The DSi XL, as it will be known outside of Japan, will be released in Europe in Q1 2010.

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