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DSi region locking a response to age ratings

DSi software will be region locked because of the growing number of different age ratings and restrictions seen in the world’s varying games markets, Nintendo has stated.

Speaking to The Times, UK boss David Yarnton explained: There are many different age requirements with games around the world. I’ve been involved with the industry body, and we’ve just had the Byron review, so it’s quite topical.

"As an industry, we are trying to take a responsible stance in that area, to make sure that we have people aware of what content they get, and that there is a certain amount of protection.”

Yarnton also went on to discuss the firm’s ongoing efforts to battle the threat posed to gaming from piracy, and the measures Nintendo has taken to combat it:

The DSi has a number of enhancements to built-in security. There’s firmware that we can upgrade, to try and keep one step ahead at all times. Hopefully that will protect not only our Intellectual Property but also our publishers, who put a lot of time and investment into developing games.”

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