Duke Nukem Forever lives!

Brothers in Arms and Aliens vs Predator developer Gearbox has, as predicted, been revealed as the studio tasked with steering the hugely traumatised Duke Nukem Forever to its seemingly impossible retail release.

And furthermore, studio boss Randy Pitchford told a Seattle audience tonight that development on the game is complete.

Only a hefty dollop of polishing remains between now and its 2011 release courtesy of publisher 2K Games on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

We want to deliver the game this is supposed to be,” he added.

Gamers can expect some fairly gratuitous violence and a pretty dark sense of humour from the title, which is likely to test the patience of censors in traditionally strict territories such as Australia.

With 12 years of development behind it, Duke Nukem Forever has become the archetypal ‘vapourware’ title that everyone wants to mock. But the Duke remains a cherished brand and, if nothing else, the game is guaranteed plenty of attention come its release next year.

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