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E3 08: Trophies on the way to PSP?

Some had speculated that a PSP Trophy announcement was on the cards for E3 – but whilst that didn’t materialise, the possibility of

the achievement-like system

migrating to Sony’s handheld has now been hinted at.

GameSpot reports that in an E3 presentation about Sony’s PSP title Buzz! Master Quiz, producer Emerson Escobar described at great length an in-game medal system that included bronze, silver and gold tiers of rewards and a dedicated Trophy system.

When pressed on whether this meant the PSP was being lined up for Trophy support, Escobar replied "check back with us later”, reportedly with a ‘grin and a nervous laugh’, according to the site.

The news ties in to details in Sony’s E3 press conference about extending users’ PSN IDs across the PS3, PSP and Sony websites – something that would in theory allow cross platform Trophies to be tied to a single gamercard.

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