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E3 2010: Microsoft preparing 3D announcement

The news that EA’s Crysis 2 will be playable in stereoscopic 3D gives yet another hint about the surprises that Microsoft has in store for its press conference at 6pm tonight.

To date Sony and Nintendo have been the champions of the 3D movement in the games sector, with PS3 recently receiving a major 3D upgrade and DS set to be superseded with a 3D-capable successor before the end of the year.

Microsoft has assured us in the past that it does indeed have an 3D strategy of its own. It’s also hinted at a big surprise for its press conference and a reveal for EA’s 3D shooter during its press conference tonight would certainly put Xbox 360 on the 3D map.

The news will join a possible price for Kinect (the new name for Natal) and the announcement of its redesigned Xbox 360 console.

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