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Wii U's power helped dev team improve on series' shortcomings, admits Miyamoto

E3 2012: Nintendo opens with Pikmin 3

Nintendo has opened its ongoing E3 2012 press conference by confirming Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.

The game is the third main installment in the long running Nintendo developed series, and, according to Miyamoto, betters its predecessors by harnessing the functionality of the forthcoming successor to the Wii.

According to Shigero Miyamoto, speaking on stage through a translator, the team behind the Gamecube Pikmin title struggled with the camera positioning, unsure how to best let the player see the close up detail while benefitting from the strategic advantage provided by a map perspective.

"The enhanced resolution of the Wii U helped the development team with this problem," said Miyamoto, who also claimed the combination of TV screen and Wii U Gamepad screen allowed the studio behind the game make a far more engaging experience.

Pikmin 3 is also apparently set to offer deeper strategy than it’s predecessors.

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