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Elemental showcases the potential of Unreal Engine 4

E3 2012 VIDEO: New UE4 demo teases the future

Throughout E3 Epic has been hosting behind-closed-doors screenings of a demo proving the potential of Unreal Engine 3. And now that demo is public.

Last year the Samaritan demo showed off the final power left in the Unreal Engine 3. This time around it is the ‘Elemental’ video (embedded below), that delivers an impressive glimpse of what is ahead.

The forthcoming version of the engine will enable developers to show a million particles on screen, and allows for scenes boasting a substantial dynamic range. Visual scripting editor Kismet 2 is included with the engine, meaning users can edit code and see the changes implemented in realtime in-game.

The demo was reportedly shown running off a single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. It may be one of the world’s most powerful commercially available graphics cards, but consider this; the UE3 Samaritan demo demanded the combined power of three GeForce GTX 580 cards.

There’s also a new development pipeline in place, and all the additions Samaritan introduced.

Check out the video for yourself right here:

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