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Boom Blox designer Robin Hunicke joins Flow and Flower team ThatGameCompany

EA producer departs for PSN group

EA has seen one of its key producers for the Boom Blox games abandon the company to join the PSN group ThatGameCompany.

Robin Hunicke was the producer on the original Boom Blox as well as its new sequel, Boom Blox Bash Party. She acted as lead designer for the Wii game MySims, and had also played a role in the production of a Sims 2 expansion pack.

Now, after three and a half years at the company, Hunicke has moved on and joined hopeful PSN game group ThatGameCompany, the team responsible for both Flow and Flower.

Speaking to news site Kotaku, Hunicke explained that her work at EA was “united by a single thread.”
“I want to reach new people, with new experiences, via the medium of games and the language of game design,” she said.

“ThatGameCompany was founded with similar goals in mind, and is at the forefront of the indie movement as a result."

Hunicke now joins ThatGameCompany founders Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen.

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