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New 'Participate' tech will debut in studios online title The Hunter

Emote Games launches ‘breakthrough’ character creation technology

Emote Games has unveiled a new technology it says can create realistic avatars for use in online and cross-platform games.

The company’s Participate technology allows developers to build advanced social network features into their titles, including character creation tools that create realistic faces.

Emote says the technology ‘selects and blends between vast combinations of hair, ethnicity, skin colour, clothing and body type to create individual avatars that really add value to the digital environment in which they appear’. Also, the company added, the technology is cross-platform, meaning characters can be created on console and transferred to PC or handheld games, or used for social network content.

Participate is available to other developers and will also be showcased in the title Emote is developing with Swedish studio Avalanche, called The Hunter.

The news follows Emote’s announcement that it had secured £600,000 in funding from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board to develop realistic AI characters with Imperial College London.

“Participate can generate endless character combinations and once the user has made their selection they can continue to personalise, adding make-up and jewellery, changing their hairstyle and clothing, and even the environment they appear in,” commented David Rose, Emote COO.

"Our forthcoming game www.thehunter.com uses all the features within Participate which will allow gamers to share their identity not just within the games environment but right across other social networks.”

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