A spot in the Overwatch League could cost up to $15 million according to report

Slowly but surely details are starting to leak about the Overwatch League, and the most recent news is somewhat worrying, as Blizzard is looking for teams to put down millions of dollars. 

A report from Sports Business Daily that cites anonymous sources, states that Blizzard is looking for teams to put down $2-$5 million to secure a spot in the Overwatch League, but was also hoping to get up to triple that for hotly contested city locations such as Los Angeles. 

Of course those figures sound a little ludicrous. Sure they grant you a spot in the Overwatch League for life, much like the NFL’s franchise system, but right now Overwatch is not a proven eSport, and could still fail. Right now the only game which comes close to that kind of money is League of Legends, and $15 million for a permanent spot in the LCS might even be too much. 

Elsewhere in the report Nate Nanzer, global director of Overwatch eSports said that everything for the league is still on track and that they have been working on finalising the legal documentation over recent months. However team owners have come out and said Blizzard has not communicated many aspects of the league to them, including how revenue sharing will work. 

You would expect more information to come from Blizzard soon, as the league is expected to launch later this year, but as of right now a lot is unclear. 

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