Activision caps daily Call of Duty pro points to prevent player burnout

Activision has announced that it will cap the amount of pro points professional Call of Duty players can earn in a single day. 

Pro points are used to determine which teams will be invited to CWL LAN events, and will ultimately decide the teams that make it into the World Championships at the end of the year. 

Until now players have been able to earn an unlimited amount of points by playing online Game Battles matches. This lead to many players competing in these games all day, often in place of proper practise or scrims with their team, as the rewards were too great to pass up. 

To stop this Activision has now capped the amount of pro points anyone can earn in a 24 hour period to 50. Previously players would be aiming for at least 100 per day. 

“Beginning Friday, January 20th, at 3am EST, players will be able to earn a maximum of 50 points from the CWL Pro Point Ladder per 24 hour period,” said Activision in a statement. “Once a player earns 50 points in that 24 hour period, they may continue to compete in CWL Pro Point Ladder matches, but will not earn any points until 3am EST the next day.”

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