Alex “Machine” Richardson to host the ESL UK Premiership finals

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ESL UK has announced that Alex “Machine” Richardson will be the desk host for the upcoming ESL UK Premiership finals. 

The event, which features both CS:GO and League of Legends, will be held at the ESL Studio in Leicester on March 18th and 19th and will feature the best teams from the UK scene. Machine will be on hand to host the analyst desk, holding everything together and directing the broadcast. 

“The ESL UK Premiership and ESL UK studio was where I was given the chance to forge a career in esports. I am incredibly honored to be able to return to where a lot of this started and host the 2017 spring season finals. I’m excited to see what talent the UK is fielding this year,” said Alex “Machine” Richardson, Host and Shoutcaster.

“The aim of the ESL Premiership has always been to foster British talent and give the individuals involved the opportunity to step up to the world stage. Machine is easily one of the UK’s greatest success stories and we’re so pleased to be able to welcome him back to ESL UK at such an exciting time for the Premiership and British esports,” said James Dean, MD of ESL UK.