Astralis announced C7 Brands as their new hydration partner

Astralis has signed a deal with C7 Brands that will name C7 as Astralis’ official hydration partner.

C7 Brands have said they’ll be providing Coco Fuzion 100, a carbonated coconut water to the team. Coco Fuzion is the UK’s first carbonated coconut water, and are looking to leap into the esports market by positioning themselves as a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks.

Esports and energy drinks have been tied together for a long time, so they might have their work cut out, but they see it as a perfect way to market the drink, which is currently looking to launch in the US in November.

Stephen Barton, CEO at C7 Brands, comments: “The Coco Fuzion 100 brand has been growing rapidly in multiple territories. Consumer demand for coconut water has boomed mainly driven by an AB1 female demographic. Our flavour profile, pack size and investment plans are geared to broaden that audience across all demographics, especially given the opportunity created by the impending sugar tax and coconut water’s unique health benefits. Not only is coconut water a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, it’s naturally isotonic, making it a great alternative to the sugary sports drinks out there at the moment.”

Lukas Rossander, Astralis’ in-game leader, said: “Staying hydrated and maintaining the right sugar balance means a lot more than most people think. To us, it’s about maintaining a knife sharp focus for longer periods. Exercise, the right diet, repetitive practice, a stable blood sugar count, mental balance, the right equipment and the optimal uniform are all elements that make a difference. The focus on a healthy lifestyle has certainly helped our team in the game.”

While it sounds amusing to see an official hydration partner signed up as an esports sponsor, we’ll see more and more of these partnerships as non-endemic brands see the earning potential of esports and want to get involved.

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