Australian CoD team Mindfreak to move to NA - MCV

Australian CoD team Mindfreak to move to NA

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The best Call of Duty team in Australia has announced that they will be moving to North America, potentially for the rest of the Infinite Warfare season. 

Having finished at the top of the Pro Points leaderboard in the region, Mindfreak secured themselves a spot in the first season of the Global Pro League, which has a prize pool of $700,000. Traditionally Australian teams have struggled to compete with NA teams, so in an attempt to improve their ability and stay competitive the team have decided to move to North America. 

Dexerto reports that the team will head to Atlanta on April 7th, to bootcamp for two weeks before playing in the Global Pro League. They will then return to Australia to play in the CWL Sydney Open 2 event. If they make it back into the Global Pro League for season two the organisation has plans to send them back to NA to compete and will stay there until CoD Champs in August. 

This is the first time that a CoD team from Australia has committed to a long bootcamp in the States. While it has worked out in other titles such as CS:GO, with Renegades moving to the region permanently, this is a big risk for the org. It will be interesting to see how the team does over the rest of the season.