Australian Quake Champions player qualifies for Quake World Championships with 272ms ping

Daniel ‘dandaking’ De Sousa has qualified for the Quake World Championships.

De Sousa, also known by his handle Astroboy, made headlines last month when he qualified for a US-based Quake Champions tournament while playing from his native Australia with a ping of over 200ms.

The story here is largely the same, with De Sousa making the grade for the Quake Champions world championship, with his ping spiking as far as 272ms as he battled through two matches in the tournament’s lower bracket after losing his second winner’s bracket match against ‘TomServo’, with every player based in North America.

Terrifyingly, De Sousa was still able to land shots at the 272ms ping, when performance usually starts to suffer in most shooters at around 100ms.

More terrifyingly for those that qualified, which includes TomServo who will presumably be dreaded a rematch, De Sousa will be flown out to the US for the finals, meaning he’s going to be playing on a LAN network, instead of a quarter of a second behind everyone else.

De Sousa battling against the odds is great for Australian players into the sport. Australia has a keen Quake community, and will now be rooting for one of their own at the World Championships, in addition to any Aussies who manage to qualify for the event through the BYOC qualifiers at QuakeCon itself.

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