Australian Quake player qualifies for NA tournament with ping of 200ms

A Quake competitor from Australia has managed to qualify in a US regional qualifier for a tournament with a $1m prize pot. The kicker? The competitor, Daniel ‘dandaking’ De Sousa, managed to do this while still in his native Australia, competing in the online tournament with a ping of over 200.

ESL’s Quake Championships are having their qualifying rounds online, with no rules discounting international players. Quake is a game that requires lightning fast reflexes, and responding to actions almost before they happen, and ESL probably assumed anyone playing with any lag however would immediately lose out to lower-pinged locals, anyway. As a result, he’s more than 200ms behind his US rival during the match, but snatches the win anyway. 

Kotaku picked up on the win, and grabbed some clips of the player in action. It’s ridiculous, you can take a look at the entire qualifying match here. His match starts at 10 hours and 31 minutes in. It’s unreal. 

Watch live video from QuakeChampions on

Unfortunately, qualifying was just the start for De Sousa, who will now need to find sponsorship or pay his own way out to the United States to compete in the next stages of the tournament.

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