Behind the scenes video sheds light on Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Health

This weekend, developers and community managers for Rainbow Six Siege took to the stage at the game’s Pro finals to talk about the forthcoming Operation Health, Ubisoft Montreal’s plan to repair and improve the game to help with its longevity.

During the panel, Ubisoft Montreal talked about their plans for the game over the next three months, and shortly after this video released, talking to staff and giving a behind the scenes look at Operation Health.

Health will focus on three pillars: tech improvements, new deployment methods and bug fixes. You can see more in the video below.

The first improvement will be to introduce one-step matchmaking, meaning you can save your mouse-clicking fingers for shooting. Later, you’ll see different aspects of the game that are currently peer-to-peer move to dedicated servers, siloed from each other. This means that one of the game’s problems: that one service, running peer to peer, will crash and take everything else down with it.

The servers where the shooting happens will get a boost too. The aim is to introduce better tick rate and hit registration. The video explains the other details, but in short it seems the team behind Siege are hoping to make everything a bit smoother for players to keep the community alive.

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