Bethesda testing Quake Champions with eSports pros

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Bethesda has revealed that they are testing out Quake Champions with top eSports players to try and gauge the game’s chance of succeeding as an eSport. 

id software studio director Tim Willits said at PAX this weekend that the studio is currently focusing on the 1 vs 1 duel mode within Quake Champions as its main competitive mode. 

“There is a hole with one-versus-one, it's missing from first-person eSports,” said Willits while speaking to PCGamesN. “The title fights are great for Quake so our Duel mode is going to be uniquely Quake, but will still incorporate the champions.”

He also revealed that the team has been working with pro players from other titles to get the right mode and balance for the competitive options. They have taken the game and shown it to pros at multiple events, such as IEM Katowice where everything was very secretive, and are inviting others to the studio to play it. 

It was also revealed this weekend by Polygon that Quake Champions will be free to play, but will come with just one champion at launch. You can however drop some cash to buy the game at retail price and unlock all the champions instantly.