Bethesda to host $1m Quake World Championship, with finals at QuakeCon in August

Bethesda have announced The Quake World Championships, a huge esports tournament for the publisher’s forthcoming Quake Champions.

Announced during the Bethesda E3 2017 press conference, the tournament is set to kick off in June, with competitors around the world fighting to qualify for a final event during QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas and a share of a $1m prize pool.

There will be regional events for both the Sacrifice and Duel modes, although they’ll all take place online, with qualifying finals in August taking place in Leicester in the UK and Burbank in the US.

The qualifiers from each event will move on to QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas at the end of August, where they’ll be joined by a handful of solo Duel players who qualify in an open event in the bring your own computer area of QuakeCon.

Still, if you choose to bet on getting into the tournament with a good showing at QuakeCon, you’ll have a rough time. 24 of the solo duellists will be selected during online battles, with just eight being plucked from the event itself.

Participants looking to get involved will need to sign up to the Closed Betato get a key, and then register on theQuake page at ESL to get involved in the online qualifiers.You can see more details on the timings of events on the official announcement page.

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