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Blizzard announces $300,000 national Hearthstone team league

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Blizzard has announced the Hearthstone Global Games, a team based competition with $300,000 on the line. 

48 nations will compete in the event, each fielding a team of four players from that country. Teams will play best of five matches against other nations online, with each player bringing two decks to play and then the team having one final ace deck that can only be used in game five. 

Eight groups will be drawn for the first phase, with each team playing a round robin online. The top three teams in each group will advance. Phase two sees the teams sorted into six groups of four and another round robin is played. The top two teams in each group and the four best third place finishers advance to the next phase. Finally the teams will play a single elimination bracket, and once it gets down to the last four teams they will compete at the LAN event later this year. 

The winning team will walk away with a total of $60,000, which means $15,000 for each player.