Blizzard is removing Synergy Picks from Hearthstone’s Arena mode

Blizzard is reversing the synergy picks it implemented into Hearthstone’s Arena mode.

The game’s 9.0 patch, released in August, made the first two rounds of the Arena draft offer up “synergy cards”, in addition to change the format of the Arena from Wild to Standard, with the new cards requiring specific deck archetypes to make it work.

This was near universally reviled by the community, and a month after the introduction of the change, Blizzard have announced plans to ditch the process. The aim was to make Arena decks much more cohesive, however popular consensus was that it was too difficult to draft around these cards reliably. Because the Arena synergy picks were at the very start of the draft, you were essentially taking a gamble that you would be able to build a certain deck in your remaining 28 cards. 

"This won’t be removed in the Balance patch as that was added as a quick bonus patch." game designer Mike Donais said in a thread about the synergy cards on Reddit. "It will be removed in a patch after that”

There’s no concrete timeline for when this change will go ahead, however it should arrive in the next six weeks at a maximum. 

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