Blizzard lifts lid on Hearthstone expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne after leak

After yesterday’s leak revealed Hearthstone’s expansion could be a little chilly, Blizzard have revealed the full details on the next expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The expansion, due to release in August, will take players to Northrend, where a free single player adventure will let you face off against several characters from Warcraft’s lore, culminating in a punch up with the Lich King himself. In addition, there are 135 new cards.

Despite my skepticism yesterday, it appears that in fact players will be able to play as Death Knights, in the form of nine new legendary Hero Cards, which will transform heroes into Death Knights, with unique hero powers.

The new set of cards will also be introducing ‘lifesteal’ as a keyword, doing exactly what you would imagine and healing players for damage dealt.

The big question here is how much a new expansion is going to shift Hearthstone’s meta. Right now it’s generally agreed to be in a decent place by pro players, with the game before Journey to Un’Goro facing complaints for a stale meta, while the game itself was starting to see lower revenues both month on month and year on year.

However, Journey to Un’Goro solved these issues and put the game back in a solid place, albeit in a world where Hearthstone players have had to deal with the scourge of the Quest Rogue.

We should see cards from the expansion soon, at which point everyone can start theorycrafting and, as is the way with Hearthstone expansions, be proven completely and utterly wrong when the expansion releases.

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