Blizzard open the doors on Overwatch esports with Overwatch Open Division

Blizzard has revealed the finer details for the Overwatch Open Division, and it appears the company is throwing the doors open to anyone with a burning desire to compete.

If you’re good enough.

Qualifying for the Open Division is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is get your competitive score above 3,500, Overwatch’s Master rank, and sign up on the Overwatch Open Division website with your Blizzard account. Then all you need to do is link up an ESL ID, as ESL will be handling the logistics, and you’re away.

It’s designed to be as grassroots as possible, so that aspiring esports players can get involved with Blizzard’s hero shooter. It’s also divided into seven regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin American Spanish Speaking Countries, Brazil, Australia / New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Players at 3,500 can sign up as a team if you all meet the requirements, or sign up as a free agent and be matched with other players to compete with. This is an interesting feature, and part of me is curious as to whether we’ll see the birth of a new esports organisation as a result of Blizzard’s machinations.

Signups conclude on June 21, and the matches will play out between July 3 and August 26, with each team playing a single fixture a week. From August 21 to 27, the Heroic Eight Finals will occur, to decide who is the most worthy of victory.

The winning team will see each player recieve $50 in Blizzard credit, the second $40, the third $30 and the fourth place get $20. In addition, every single team that plays all of their matches will receive a participatory award of $10 in Blizzard credit.

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