Blizzard takes legal action against cheat developers

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Blizzard is suing a company that makes cheats for its games for more than $8.5 million. 

The company, Bossland, creates cheats and hacks for many of Blizzard’s titles, and sells them online. Blizzard argues that this is copyright infringement, unfair competition, and violates the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision. They also claim it has resulted in many lost sales from people who do not want to play with cheaters in the game. 

Blizzard sued the company a while back, however a lack of communication from Bossland has forced Blizzard to ask for a default judgement, which should result in a legal win for Blizzard. 

If the judgement goes the way of Blizzard it is likely that they could be awarded the $8.5 million they are looking for, which according to Blizzard maths, equates to $200 per infringement, of which there was supposedly 42,818. 

However the lack of communication from Bossland makes it highly likely that Blizzard will never actually see the money, unless the government gets involved and freezes Bossland’s assets.