Blizzard tease a potential new Overwatch hero

We know Blizzard loves to tease things, and once again they are giving out hints about the next hero to be released in Overwatch. 

Just days ago game director Jeff Kaplan told fans that the next hero would not be who everyone was expecting it to be, Doomfist, which gives us hope that Blizzard has delayed Doomfist’s release to get Terry Crews into the voice acting booth. 

But now we have a clue about the next hero. A post on the Overwatch website, which is in full kayfabe, introduces us to Efi Oladele, an 11 year old AI expert from Numbani. She is one of the brightest minds in the city and works on robots and AI. Given that she is an 11 year old and doesn’t look all that versed in combat the current community theory is that she is the creator of the next hero, which will be some kind of robot. 

Of course this could all just be a massive diversion and the next hero could indeed be Doomfist, but if the community has anything to do with it then we will know for sure sooner rather than later. 

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