Blizzard’s Overwatch League to start in Q3 2017

Details on Blizzard’s Overwatch League have been thin on the ground so far, but thanks to an interview that Overwatch’s eSports global director, Nate Nanzer did in Korea we have a better idea of how it will work. 

The interview, which was translated over on Reddit asked a number of questions about the league and surprisingly Nanzer was more than happy to answer. 

“We’ll start the 2017 season within Q3” said Nanzer. “During this period, there will be a lot of acquiring players and forming new teams so the league will be a compact form. However, from 2018, we will be able to provide regulare [sic.] seasons with consistant [sic.] schedule.”

“At the start, it will be held in major stadiums in some regions, and with enough teams and infrastructure, you will be able to enjoy OW league being played in home stadiums. Also, the final match of the OW league will not be blizzcon and it will be held in a new city every year.”

Nanzer also went into detail regarding how teams will be formed and the organisation they will be working with. While there was no specific names mentioned he did say that it would be possible for mixed region and sex teams to participate and that players would not be drafted as first thought. As for organisations he said that prospective team owners are “required to have necessary capital or plans to form a team” but once they are a part of the league they will be in it for life. 

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