Boss Key COO: Lawbreakers esports success is “the ultimate dream to achieve”

Lawbreakers has, in gamer parlance, completely bombed.

Speaking to, Arjan Brusse, COO & co-founder of Boss Key, says that part of the company’s aims for reviving the troubled shooter revolve around esports and a service model.

Brusse says that esports success is “the ultimate dream to achieve” for the team, although the game has to be honed first. Boss Key had some success with early five on five matches back in 2015, but also points to the heavy competitive scene for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as when the game really took off.

Brusse claims BossKey are currently looking at inflection points to allow them to bring in more players, which could involve free weekends and big content drops.

"When you look at these other games, you can actually see those inflection points when you look at the graphs. CS:GO’s user numbers were pretty flat for almost two years, and the moment they started doing crates and trading, or when they started doing competitive esports for real, it took off.

A recent free weekend boosted the concurrent playercount of Lawbreakers to 1000, but before this there were points when the peak playercount was down to the low double digits, with just 12 players online at one stage. Enough for a single game.

Can you come back from that? It’s hard to say, but Lawbreakers is going to try, and as we wrote earlier this year, it’s an interesting beast.

Bounce on over to GI.Biz to read the full interview examining what went wrong with Lawbreakers. 

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