Card-battler Gwent comes to open beta

CD Projekt RED’s Gwent, a card game contained within The Witcher 3 that has now been spun out into a seperate product for people to play against each other, has entered open beta today.

The standalone Gwent is the same beast as the single-player variant included in The Witcher 3, and it still holds a lot of that heritage. There are multiple references, voiceover work and visual flourishes that will remind players of that critically acclaimed card game, however an in-depth tutorial and robust opening mechanics should help those who didn’t play that game to get up to speed.

There’s no telling whether or not this will take off as a competitive game. Hearthstone is the one to beat in the digital card game space, with several interesting card games including Mojang’s Scrolls and Jagex’s Runescape Chronicles both failing to find the same level of success as Blizzard’s card-em-up.

You can download the game now via Gwent’s download page.

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