Day9: Accessibility will make eSports ‘the predominant hobby in the world’

Is the boom in the popularity of eSports a fad or a sign of the future of video games?

It could actually be more than that, according to Sean ‘Day9’ Plott. The Starcraft and Hearthstone legend has told Business Insider that the potential of eSports goes well beyond simply redefining video games, arguing that it will eventually grow to become “the predominant hobby in the world”.

“It is only natural for [the industry] to grow from here,” Plott said. “Accessibility drives traffic and growth in technology. That’s a proven trend in technology.

“If you want to play soccer, you need a huge field. If you want to play football, you need armour. If you want to play squash, you need a court. If you want to play a video game, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.”

Say a viewer was inspired by an amazing dunk in a game of basketball they were watching on the TV, Plott elaborated when furthering the sporting metaphor. To act on that requires not only access to a ball, but suitable clothes, a court and some friends who are willing to join them. Plus they need to be physically able and have the skill to mimic what they’ve seen.

Fall short on any one of those and they’re out of luck.

However, someone inspired by a League of Legends feed simply needs to download the game. And with practice they’ll also be able to mimic whatever they may have seen on the screen.

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