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Daybreak Games announces European H1Z1 Tournament

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Daybreak studios are holding their first official European tournament for their battle royale kill-em-up H1Z1: King of the Kill in May.

The event, which will livestreamed in its entirety on Twitch, will kick off on May 25th, pitting the premier KOTK killers into a fight for survival.This will occur primarily during a Royal Showdown match that will be streamed live on Twitch on May 25th, live on Twitch at 6PM BST/7PM CEST.

There’s no information on what prizes will be on offer just yet, beyond the chance for participants and those watching at home to earn several Showdown AR-15 weapons as a cosmetic.

Qualifications for the Royal Showdown will be taking place until May 22nd, with those who climb the pre-season leaderboards getting a chance to participate in a European Grand Final.

Things from H1Z1 have been quiet since Battlegrounds exploded onto the scene, but with this perhaps we’re seeing an intention from Daybreak that they’ll be making bigger moves in esports.