DeMoN heads back to NA after SEA adventure to form new team with Bulba and Mason

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Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho has announced his new Dota 2 team after leaving Fnatic a few months ago. 

Based in North America, Team Onyx will feature DeMoN alongside NA legends Kanishka "BuLba" Sosale and Mason "mason" Venne as well as Korean player Kim "DuBu" Doo-young. The final member of the team will be revealed shortly. 

Even without a fifth player Onyx is already positioned as one of the top NA sides, just by the amount of talent involved. Chances are they will be invited to the NA qualifier, any will have a solid shot of making it to Kiev for the Major. 

Of course all of the players involved have had a rocky start to this season. BuLba was a part of Liquid, who failed to qualify for the major and was kicked. DeMoN was a part of Fnatic who failed to make the major and was kicked. Mason has really been out of the scene for a while and DuBu was on MVP Phoenix who did make it to the major but disappointed and ended up last. 

Jimmy’s time in Fnatic was considered a bit of a failure, but Fnatic’s CGO cArn assured us that they would rebuild a stronger team.